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Save Delivery Charges with Prepaid Orders!

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What Is All This Buzz Around Stand And Pee Products?

The rising network of women backpackers started all this talk about stand and pee products that were popular in western countries and had just entered the Indian markets a few years back. It all started as a digital whisper to share information with girls and women who travel often or commute even within a city. 

Pushing a whole new segment of urination aids, these portable urinals are changing the ways of living for women. 

Lack of public toilets, (un)hygienic conditions, tired of either holding it or hovering or squatting over an unclean toilet, women have long been struggling and now finally with stand and pee disposable products women have got some freedom to just do it. 

There is still a hesitation to talk about urinary incontinence, leakage of urine and urination aids. It isn’t about feminism, but about hygiene and accessibility and making life easier for all women. 

How do the urination aids work?

Due to its unique designed funnel, the urination container or device allows women of all ages to stand and pee when they don’t want to sit on unfriendly toilets. A must-have device for medical needs, outdoors, public commutes as well as public toilets, the disposable urinal bag is a portable, reusable device using which women can stand and urinate in all public and common toilets. A much-needed product for women as they have to use dirty toilets when travelling or those with medical conditions or pregnant. 

Using bag for urine stand and pee products, you can simply stand and pee and avoid infections or bad experiences with dirty toilets. It comes with simple easy-to-use instructions and is highly convenient to use without worrying about spills or odour. They are easy to carry, use and dispose of making them a must-have product for women.

Who can use urination aids?

Any girl or woman, young or old, who enjoys travelling, who commutes within the city, women who are suffering from urinary incontinence; mild or serious, women who are differently-abled, women with arthritis, chronic knee, back pain or any other medical issue due to which they are unable to reach the toilet on time, women who suffer from injuries or women who are bedridden. They are also the perfect device for pregnant women as urine leakage is the most common issue faced by pregnant women. It is safe to say that stand and pee devices are safe and easy to use for one and all. 

No more holding or wiping seats or squatting over the toilets and most importantly, no more urinary tract infections. Peeschute stand and pee products for women are making life easier as women do not anymore need to think about whether or not they will find a clean, hygienic toilet to pee. Easy to use and dispose of, these disposable and portable urinals not only save from embarrasing or unhygienic conditions or infections, but also lends peace of mind as you know you are sorted when it comes to Peeschute.


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