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Save Delivery Charges with Prepaid Orders!

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Pee Bag For Travel For A Comfortable and Relaxed Journey

Who doesn’t like to travel and explore the wonders of the world? However, sometimes the long journey is what takes a toll. 

When traveling from one city to another, or to different countries, the connectivity of transport can take hours. One wonders about food and place to rest would be the biggest hassle in the planning, but it’s astonishing to know that the biggest hurdle is finding clean and hygienic restrooms. This is what led to the invention of pee bags for travel

Useful during those long flights or road trips when just the idea of entering a washroom which has been used by so many before gives you the hives, especially when the washrooms are common and not gender specific.

stand and pee

Designed to fit in your pocket, one can take it anywhere without feeling conscious. Being compact, tamper proof and concealable makes travel urine bags a perfect addition to the travel bags while being leak proof, odor free and easy to dispose makes it a no brainer. The disposable urine bags for travel are environmentally friendly so taking them along for long road trips between towns with limited public facilities is safe and does not harm the environment. The liquid solidifies to gel form on usage, thus even the waste pickers are safe from contamination. 

It is a known fact that public restrooms are full of bacteria which lead to urinary infections and who wants to get one while traveling. In most places, when traveling, the washrooms are often cleaned every few hours which is enough time for the bacteria to grow tenfold, and this is where there are cleaning services, what about the travel routes where restroom facilities are limited and not well maintained? In such cases, the stand and pee bags are a lifesaver. They are like a portable urinal toilet which takes away the worry of coming in contact with unsanitized surfaces. 

portable urinal toilet

An amazing product which has proven its need even more during the pandemic. With pandemic the need to stay away from unwanted and unsanitized surfaces has been re-emphasized. Avoiding public toilets is difficult especially when one needs to wash hands often but avoiding sitting on that hot seat to pee is possible with the help of  pee bags. 

The urine bags are great during travel, but are also super useful for those with bladder problems. For those with health issues like loss of bladder control or tendency to get urinary tract infections, using public restrooms should be avoided. The options like cleaning the seat before use are equally unsanitary thus products like urine bags are necessary. So just put them in your bag or pockets before you head out for the next trip. 


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