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Health Hack: How Can You Prevent Yourself From Urinary Tract Infections While On-the-Go?

Urinary tract infection can cause multiple short-term and long-term health issues in a person.

When your lower urinary tract like the bladder and urethra gets infected, you may feel symptoms like frequent urination, urinary incontinence urgency and a burning sensation during urination.

urinary tract infections remedies

It is common and treatable, but it is better to avoid it by taking some healthy measures. In this post, we will discuss all such measures you can take to avoid urinary tract infections.

Holding urine during a long trip is one of the risk factors that may chase urinary tract infections. There are multiple factors for which you have to hold urine like the unavailability of washrooms and many more.

These factors must not let you compromise your health. This is the reason we have created this post to help you take various measures while on the go, to avoid urinary tract infections. So, let’s start 

What are Urinary Tract Infection Remedies? 

Urinary infection is treated by a medical professional with the help of antibiotics, probiotics, vitamin C, and supplements. Medical practitioners may prescribe medications as per the extent of infection and can ask to follow healthy hygiene.

However, more than remedies you should follow some good practices to prevent urinary tract infections like 

a. Holding urine can cause bacterial growth in the bladder. So, avoid holding urine for the long term. Keep pee bags in your pocket when you are outside.

b. Drink more fluids to avoid urinary tract infections.

c. Add probiotics like yoghurt to the diet, that promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut and urinary tract.

d. Wash and dry genitals properly after urination.

e. If you are a female, you are more vulnerable to urinary tract infection after sex, as bacteria can easily enter the urethra during sexual activity.

You should not hold urine after sex to avoid urinary tract infections. Because urination flushes out harmful bacteria that may cause infection in the urinary tract.

urine bag for patients

Follow these preventive measures to keep your urinary tract healthy.

Now as you know from the prevention measures, holding pee is one of the biggest reasons for urinary tract infections. We have come up with an amazing solution to safeguard the urinary tract.

Use Peeschute Urine Collection Bags 

Peeschute has come up with a disposable urine collection bag so that you do not have to hold urine in any circumstances. And dispose of it after usage. Urine bags offered by peeschute are easy to use and affordable.

Urine Bags for Patients are a Good Solution to Manage Urinary Incontinence

Disposable urine bags are very useful to all UTI patients as they can be used anywhere per convenience.

So, that’s about how you can prevent yourself from urinary tract infection. Feel free to connect if you have any doubts regarding urine bag usage. We will be delighted to assist you.


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