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Urine Bag Uses Not Just Limited To Travel Use

When you think of pee bags, do you think of travel needs? Think again, urine bags are a multi use product and not just usable during travel. It is definitely a product which comes in handy during travel, but it goes way beyond. From medical use to camping and especially in underdeveloped countries, the urine bag uses are many, especially because of the limited public facilities. 

pee cup for women

1. Travel: The most popular use of urine bags is for travel. The uncertainties of finding a clean and sanitized bathroom can put a damper on joys that exploring the world brings. The travel urine bags are compact and easy to dispose of, making them convenient to carry along. During this pandemic the pee cups for women was a product that helped many to avoid sitting on a contaminated seat during travel. Avoiding seating on the seat or touching that flush reduces the chances of coming in touch with the microorganisms. 

2. Urinary Problems: For those suffering from urinary incontinence or tendency to get an urinary infection, the urination container is a big help. Holding on to using the restroom is one of main reasons for getting infections and loosens up the bladder muscles which makes things worse. When unable to stop the urge to pee and can’t find a washroom, the urine bag is useful. 

3. Camping: Love camping and trekking, but peeing in the open gets you uneasy, all you need is the stand and pee disposable bags. Being environmentally friendly and easily disposable doesn’t harm the surroundings. These bags can be disposed off even after 10 days of use without any odor or leakage. So during those long treks, just find the right spot and with a urine bag you are all set to leave the worries of holding your pee behind. 

travel urinal bags

4. Medical use: It is very useful for those who have undergone surgery and have to be resting and limit their activity. Catheter is one product highly used by hospitals but not very convenient for home use. If the tube is not changed and cleaned properly, it can lead to infections. The disposable bags are more easy to use without being intrusive.

5. Portable urinal toilet: For small towns and villages with limited plumbing and sanitary facilities this is ideal. For social workers visiting these cities to make a difference this product has worked wonders letting them cover areas far and wide. The low cost has been an added advantage to help many have access to sanitary way to relieve the bladder.

The urine bags are unisex and can be used by both adults and children making it easy for families to take those road trips together and stop whenever the children want a pee break. Not only are they convenient, but affordable as well.


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