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Save Delivery Charges with Prepaid Orders!

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Our mission towards sustainability- one more step towards clean and recyclable urinal solutions

Message from CEO

We are providing environmentally sustainable pocket-sized toilet solutions

Mr. Siddhant is a seasoned entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience and had worked with various live projects in the field of commercialization with companies like HUL, Hike messenger  before starting his entrepreneurial journey. He is an individual who believes in bearing most of the risks and sharing most of the rewards with his team. He had worked hard to reach this stage, Never looked back, trusted his founding team. A true spirit, with perfect attitude. He believes in “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important
to heed the lessons of failure”

Be the Change you want to see and Be!

– Bill Gates

He had done his Btech from Narsee Monjee, MBA from Nirma university, and an alumni of Royal academy of Engineering @ London and University of Texas. Peeschute had finished 3+ years, is present is 4 countries and successfully delivered 3lac + bags and is a trusted companion for many customers.

The Tiniest Toilet with world-class service.

Healthcare sector in India is expected to grow to reach a size of $50 bn by 2025. The diagnostics industry in India is currently valued at $4 bn. This growth is possible with innovative products in the healthcare sector. Keeping this in view and as a Mission towards “Swatch Bharath”, Peeschute as an organization, and a Vision from Mr. Siddhant (Founder and CEO) had ventured into developing innovative healthcare “ Out of the box” products. A
need of the hour solution to many personal and travel urination problems and Peeschute was established in 2018. We are proud to announce that our product had procured Patent rights. Our DISPOSIBLE URINE BAGS are Odorless, Hygienic, Leak proof, Sustainable and Bio-degradable. Motivation behind this venture is to help regular commuters to access Urinals at public places which are clean and hygienic , convenience with pleasant outdoor urinal experience. We are dedicated to bring a revolution in the sanitation sector globally and create employment amongst women and men in the ratio of 60:40 respectively.

our story

Best services available for the best customers

Disposable urine bag is a novel initiative taken by an Indian Entrepreneur Sidhhant Tawarawala. A unique disposable urine bag has helped thousands of Indians relieve their bladder in the last few years.

Holding urine has become very common when you are traveling or outside for work. Non-availability of Urinals makes the situation worse as you have to hold it for longer.

But it is a very harmful practice! It not only weakens bladder muscles in the long run but also causes so many Urinary tract infections.

This is where the concept of disposable urinal bags was born and Peeschute came into existence.

A small bag for urine collection provides very big benefits to personal health. It prevents you from long-term illnesses that can be caused by urinary tract infections and the inability to empty your bladder.

urine bag is a simple solution to your long journey. You just need to carry a lightweight urine bag that you can keep in your pocket as well.  The bag for urine collection is very convenient and user-friendly. You can keep it in your bag or your pocket and dispose of it at your convenience after usage.

One more important thing is you can carry this bag for urine collection for 10 days even with urine and dispose of it at your convenience. It does not smell bad or spill out of the envelope. That makes your long journey more comfortable without worrying about finding urinals or holding for long and causing harm to your bladder in the long run.

The unisex design of this pee bag is specially designed to use comfortably in the outdoor location during the journey. It is lightweight and compact in size which makes it easy to carry for long journeys. This makes Peeschute disposable urine bag as the first choice personal care product among the users.

Peeschute is a pioneer in the health and sanitation industry with this evolutionary stand and pee product. A portable urinal toilet is the most flexible and cost-effective solution for the serious issue of the lack of urinal facilities in remote areas. Pocket toilet takes care of your health and hygiene.

It does not matter even if you are a healthy adult or having health complications, holding urine for a long time is equally harmful to your health. Unisex urine bags make sure that your bladder muscles do not get weakened and you do not get urinal tract infection.

Peeschute has come up with a high-quality stand and pee product that is made up of non-toxic material that can absorb urine in the spill-proof gel.

This product is the hard work of 3 years for the founder, from creating its prototype to launching a viable product in the market. So, far more than 2.5 lakh portable urine bags are sold to around 3,500 customers across India. So, the trust that Peeschute users have put in this product is testimony in itself.

The urine bag’s unique features, like it does not spill and does not emit a bad odor make it the preferred choice among the customers. Moreover, it is very cost-effective and any middle-class family can afford it.

Peeeschute disposable urine bags are very easy to use for both genders. These unisex urine bags help both males and females in personal care. Whenever there is an urge to pee, you can stand and pee with disposable bags at any convenient location. The urine bag’s unisex design makes it comfortable for everyone.

No need to find separate male urine bags or female urine bags. This stand and pee device is designed for everyone. The disposable urine bags are designed in an envelope shape that supports both males and females in relieving urine without any problem. So, this pee storage bag is gender-neutral.

Peeschute disposable pee bags are designed keeping in mind the non-hygienic conditions of public washrooms in India. The first and foremost problem people face is finding a washroom nearby. And even if they find it, it is difficult to find a public washroom with proper hygienic conditions.  And it makes it more difficult for females.

In such conditions, carrying a peeschute female urine bag is the most viable option to maintain health and hygiene.

You can now buy portable urine bags at very affordable prices. Visit the product page section to find the Urinary bag price. 

We are fully committed to ensuring that your pocket toilet is more hygienic and affordable than the public toilet. Moreover, we have made sure that the Peeschute stand and pee device remain highly available in all selling channels.

Order your Peeschute emergency urinal bag now at the best price and make your first step towards a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. We at Peeschute have made sure that the emergency urinal bag does not affect your pocket. Navigate to our product page now or connect with our support team for any inquiries related to your requirements and price. We are all ears 24 hours 7 days!

Peeschute offers a single solution for male urine bags and female urine bags. This unique product has helped thousands of Indians relieve themselves so far, without the fear of spilling. This portable urine bag is made up of high-quality leak-proof materials.

The inner side of these portable urinal bags is made up of spill-proof gel that absorbs urine and instantly solidifies the urine upon exposure. So, the liquid waste gets solidified and becomes easy to carry.

So, one can relieve without the worry of spilling, and a bad odorProving its name true, a disposable pee bag is very convenient to dispose of at any nearby dustbin. Even if one does not find any dustbin in the nearby surrounding, it can be stored in the bag and can dispose of, whenever you find a dustbin.

So, buy this revolutionary stand-and-pee device and gift yourself or your loved ones a healthy life now.

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