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Special Women's Day Offer For Miss Special

โ‚น1,999/- (SAVE 1600) + FREE Shipping

Offer expiring in

2 Bags of total 8 ltrs
(Sufficient for 1 Week)

Special Women's Day Offer For Miss Special

โ‚น1,999/- (SAVE 1600) + FREE Shipping

Offer expiring in

2 Bags of total 8 ltrs (Sufficient for 1 Week)

Who else wants an Odourless and Hygienic Urine solution for Bedridden?

World's First & Safest Unisex Urine Device For Paralyzed Patients | comes with 2 bags | 4 ltr Each | Anti-Odour | Anti-bacterial | Anti-Leak | Anti-Infective

World's First & Safest Unisex Urine Device | Comes with 12 bags | 4 ltr Each | Anti-Odour | Anti-bacterial | Anti-Leak

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Imagine no longer battling stubborn odours with room fresheners or rushing your dear ones to the restroom when you’re already pressed for time.ย 

Say goodbye to the Musty urine pots, bedpans, Painful catheter Pipes and Endless diaper-changing headaches and hello to a world where caring for your elders is as easy as pressing a button because your elder deserves better, and you deserve the peace of mind while savoring the aroma.

Mini-Baksa โ€“ World’s first and revolutionary urine solution for Bedriddens.

The Mini Baksa is a plug-n-play odour-less Urine device for Paralyzed Patients...

โ‚น1,999/- (SAVE 1600) + FREEE Shipping + 2 bags 12 bags for a month



  1. 1 funnel
  2. 1 pipe
  3. 1 box with handle, wheels and overflow sensor light
  4. 12 disposable bags of 4 liter each which stores urine and solidifies it instantly.
  5. A Manual

Mini-Baksa is designed for both Male and Female

โ— Handicapped

โ— Paralyzed Patient

โ— Obesity problem who have difficulty in moving

โ— Bedridden Patient

โ— Old age

โ— Pregnant Lady

  1. Weight: 2.561 KG
  2. Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 10 CM


Step 1: Balance the Mini-Baksa box with the Rigid Board (available inside Mini-Baksa).
Step 2: Attach both disposable Pee bags with both pipes’ end points.
Step 3: Keep Mini-Baksa beside the patient.
Step 4: Set funnel pipe by connecting with Mini-Baksa.
Step 5: Align the funnel to the private part and let the patient pee. (Patient can easily self-use).
Checkout the Demo

5 Easy Steps to install and use Mini-Baksa!

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Let them Experience a Discreet, comfortable, and liberating Urine Solution in 3 Simple Steps!

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Let him/her be smiling even in this unwanted situation.Itโ€™s not the product itโ€™s the best gift from you.

Finally, relax from bathroom assistance with the most convenient urine solution!

Mini-Baksa is new launching, users loved our other products with a 4.7 star rating!

Less emptying, more living!

Ditch daily emptying and washing. Massive 8-litre bag in Box capacity ensures disposal once a week only.

Never miss a refill!

Our smart light tells you when it's time to dispose, making maintenance a breeze.

Breathe easy, family's happy!

keeps odours and leaks locked away, creating a clean and healthy environment for everyone at home.

Ensures a hygienic and sanitary waste disposal experience!

The Anti-odors, Anti-Bacterial, and Anti-Leaks, features block infections spreading, promoting a healthy environment for all.

Peeschute is Trusted by 2 lakh Indians!

Very very useful Must try
Pardeep k.
Pardeep k.
Worthy and Easy to use This is really easy to use and not take much spaceSo you can sneakin in your backpack while travelling.
Best product Value for money
Product is very good. Convenient product.
Valuable Customer
Valuable Customer
Unbelievable invention this is!! ๐Ÿ˜ It works as stated in the product page. Believe me this Jellyfies in seconds after peeing.Buy it, it's worth! and all you have to do is to find a place for 2 minutes during the trip to unstress out from the pressure.You can also use it for Nausea/vomiting.Any Gender can use it. Have a great pressure free trip next time.
Unbelievable product Highly recommended
Nitin Barve
Nitin Barve
Useful product Very useful product particularly when you are stucked in traffic jamm.
Khushboo jain
Khushboo jain
Good production Good product

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Yes. Mini baksa has a patented funnel which can be conveniently used by any gender in sitting, standing or lying position.

Mini baksa is designed for old age people or someone with permanent mobility issues.

Yes. Mini baksa produces 100% compostable and biodegradable solidified waste.

8 liters. Mini baksa can be fixed with 2 jumbo bags each with a capacity of 4 liters.

Yes. Once the bags are full, replace it with new set of bags.

Yes. If not used properly there can be a reverse flow. Make sure the pipe is always straight while using. Adjust baksa by moving it back and front to keep pipe straight.

Light indicator will turn on automatically once the bags are full. Do not use if the light is on, change the bags. The battery should also be changed occasionally id required.

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    Mini Baksa- Portable Urine Tank for Bedridden

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