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3 Ways to Manage Bladder Leaks for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is one of the best times for a woman, however, these nine months also come along with its share of uncomfortable experiences as well. One of the biggest and most common problems is urinary incontinence during pregnancy. This problem leads to many more inturn. We are here to help you manage just that.

Let’s first talk about the urinary incontinence females suffer from during pregnancy. The bladder leakage can be due to physical stress on the bladder. As the foetus grows, the pressure from the uterus increases on the bladder which leads to the need for frequent urination. Another reason for the incontinence can be the bladder contraction making one feel the urgency to visit the washroom. Another common problem a pregnant woman faces is urinary infections which can lead to temporary loss of urine. Luckily there are ways to manage these.

1. Exercises: One of the ways of managing these urinary issues is by exercising. By strengthening the pelvic core by means of kegel exercises one can have better control on the holding of the pelvic muscles and reduce the chances of involuntary urination. These exercises have to be done regularly for better results. Kegels not only help with controlling the bladder but also come in handy during and post labor. Other than kegels, regular exercises like walking are also recommended to keep the weight gain in control as more gain means more pressure on one’s bladder.

2. Eat Healthy: Food plays a huge role in the overall health of a pregnant woman and the child growing inside. Keeping a track of what one consumes and avoiding food that leads to dehydration or that can trigger uterine discomfort is the key. Some of the known foods that trigger uterine incontinence are high in sugar and caffeinated. A good balanced diet with good fiber content helps in keeping the bowel movement regular and supports vaginal hygiene. 

3. Urine Bags: The need to pee may arise anytime and anywhere and finding a clean sanitized washroom can be difficult. In such situations female urine bags come in very handy. Using public washrooms can lead to urine infections which can be a very uncomfortable experience especially during pregnancy. Stand and pee bags help eliminate that problem. The bags for urine collection are compact and easy to dispose of, making it easy to carry along wherever one goes. The liquid solidifies immediately upon use making it spill proof and not only that, they are odour proof too. The urine bags make it easy to go out or even travel without the need to worry about using public restrooms. 

Following these simple ways can help not only reduce but even eliminate the issue. Now that you know how easy it is to manage the bladder leaks, focus on enjoying these nine months without worry.


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