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6 Tips To Travel Comfortably With Urinary Incontinence

One can experience and learn a lot from traveling, from meeting people to learning about places and culture. But traveling, may it be for work or leisure involves a lot of planning. Travel and planning becomes more difficult for someone suffering from urinary incontinence. The overactive bladder does not wait for one to find the washroom and let alone, a clean one when traveling. Traveling from plane, train or by sea, one can have access to the restroom at least during transit, but if traveling by road there is no certainty of where the washroom will be. To make the travel pleasant and manageable  there are certain points one can keep in mind.

disposable urine bags for travel

1. Plan it out: It’s good to always do your research and map out the possible locations with a washroom facility. When traveling by air, use the facility before boarding to reduce the chances of an incident. When traveling by bus or car, go through the route map and plan breaks. If traveling in groups, seek help and assistance to make the trip less stressful.

2. Dress comfortably: Traveling between cities or countries can take many hours and it’s important that one wears comfortable clothes. When urinary incontinence is a concern it’s necessary to avoid tight, light shade and synthetic clothes. It is recommended to wear breathable loose clothes which are of darker shade to help sit through for hours without the discomfort.

3. Keep a tab on food intake: Consuming certain types of food and liquid can increase the need to visit the washroom. When traveling, avoid such food items. Some of the known food irritants include high sugar, high caffeine food and alcohol. Consuming these food items leads to increased urination and inconvenience.

4. Backup options: There are always delays and cancellations in travel and no matter how much planning one does there are chances of incidents. Urinary leakage can soil the clothes and it can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation to have to wear such clothes throughout the trip. One should always carry an extra pair of clothes to change into incase of an occurrence. 

5. Train your bladder: Training your bladder takes time, but once mastered it makes life easy. There are several methods to do that but the most popular is Kegel’s. 

6. Peebags: Even when one finds a washroom, chances are finding a clean one are limited no matter what method of travel. In such cases, the best option is to use disposable urine bags for travel. The disposable urine bags are a stand and pee product which limits the need to sit on an unsanitary toilet seat. The pee bags for travel are discrete and easy to carry. The bags for urine collection can be disposed of quickly and are environmentally friendly. 

bag for urine collection

So next time you have a travel plan use pee bags to make your travel fun and stress free.


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