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How Useful Are Urine Bag For Male Patients?

Did you know holding your urine over time for long can weaken your bladder muscles? In the long run, such problems including not being able to empty your bladder eventually lead to urine incontinence. Although these issues bother women more, however, men also suffer from urinary incontinence as the male urinal system gets affected either due to illness or an accident.  



While most men find it easy to relieve themselves anywhere, for some it is an issue, especially if they are suffering from a medical illness. 



Many of us are forced to hold urine for longer periods, especially when outside or travelling. And men who have health issues that take them longer to reach the toilet or are in wheelchairs or bedridden often face these issues more than their counterparts. 

To solve this very problem, Peeschute has come up with a viable solution, urine bag for male patients. These urine bags are unisex and disposable helping many relieve themselves without the bother of spilling.

The men’s portable urinals are disposable and portable urine bag and are lined with a special gel that instantly solidifies urine. It turns into an odour-free, non-liquid gel that can be kept for up to a few days and disposed of at one’s convenience. The urine bags for adults is shaped like an envelope that can easily fit into your pocket and can be easily sealed after use.

The patient urine bags are leak-proof and do not emit any smell. The most convenient part is that they can be stored with urine in them for up to 10 days. Once full, the travel urine bag male can be disposed of like you dispose of any other sanitary waste.

Portable urine bags are unisex and work well for women, men, and even children. Urine bags provide a hygienic alternative when accessing a restroom is not possible; be it for clinical or personal reasons. The gender-specific urine collection products and designed to be used while sitting, standing, or lying down.

How do I use a portable urinal?

Simple and easy to use for both men and women, men’s portable urinals are easiest to use when they are held with one hand and with the other hand position your penis at the opening. Once done, remove the urinal and dispose of the urine bag for male patients. If you cannot dispose of it immediately, portable urine bags come with sealing, odour-proof lids so the urine can be held.

Who are portable urinals used for?

If you are unable to get to the toilet due to cognitive or mobility issues, then they are extremely useful for you. Anyone who feels the urge to urinate but is unable to get to the bathroom can use portable urinals. They are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, as some are made for the female anatomy, some for the male anatomy and some are made for unisex use. 

Portable urinals can be used for a long or short period of time; some people use them for years, while some need them briefly during a period of illness or recovery.


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