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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use Peeschute Unisex Disposable Pee Bags

Whenever you are on a long road trip, it is quite common in India that you may not be able to find washrooms nearby. Moreover, some washrooms are in such an unhygienic condition that you can not use them at all.

In such a scenario the only option that remains is holding urine. But holding it for a long time is not good for the health of the bladder. It may cause urinary tract infections and other health issues in the long term.

Disposable urine bags come handy in such situations. It works as a pocket urinal during the long journey.

Portable urine bags offered by Peeschute is made with a special gel that converts urine to odour-free solid form so that you can dispose of that bag at your convenience.

bag for urine collection

Such urine bladder bags are leakproof and you can use them until it gets full. It can be stored for up to 10 days. After the use, you can dispose of it like any other sanitary waste.

So, this is how portable urine bags are useful. But you may wonder about how to use it. This is the reason we have created this post, to guide you step by step on it.

How to Use a Urine Collection Bag for Adults?

Using a urine collection bag for adults is very easy and convenient for both males and females. Follow this step-by-step guide to using urine collection bags.

urine collection bag for adults

a. First of all, use your finger and thumb at the opening corner of the urine bag. And press the corners, it will open the urine bag.

b. After opening the bag, hold it between the legs. And put it in the right position below the genitals.

c. Relieve the urine pressure in the bag, and adjust the bag between the legs as per the urine flow area.

d. The gel inside the urine bag will instantly solidify the urine and  will make it odour free.

e. Once you are done, seal the bag as per instructed over the bag itself.

f. You can use it until it is full or for up to 10 days. Dispose of it to a nearby dustbin, or if you do not find any dustbin you can safely keep it and later you can dispose of it.

What is the Price of the Bag for Urine Collection

You can find one disposable urine bag at the cost of as low as 10 rupees.

Where to find Urine Bags for Males? 

Peeschute makes unisex urine bags that both males and females can use.

Are Female urine bags the same as for males?

Yes, Peeschute offers urine bags that can be used by males as well as females.

So, that’s it about urine bags. Feel free to connect if you have more queries about it.


1 thought on “A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use Peeschute Unisex Disposable Pee Bags”

  1. Prabha Shinde

    I am impressed of this very useful information but I wonder how can a female use it when traveling in a bus? She needs to put that bag under her private part removing her underwear. If she is wearing jeans or pant? Please reply.

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