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Disposable Urine Bag For Patients – Safe And Convenient

When undergoing an operation, the road to recovery can be tough, painful and takes time. The bed rest recommended for a surgery can take anywhere from a week to a month with limited movement, which makes doing everyday tasks difficult. Doctors are always worried about a patient slipping or falling and injuring themselves when going to a washroom. Most are suggested to use a catheter to reduce the motion. But catheters can do more harm than help thus making the use of urine bags for patients the most safe option. 

urinary incontinence

While catheters are widely used, they need help from a medical professional for proper setting up and changing. Being an invasive product, it is known to be uncomfortable and painful. They also require regular emptying and checking for leakages. Improper use of catheters are associated with multiple health issues, some of the problems include:

▪️ Allergy to latex
▪️ Bladder stones
▪️ Blood infection
▪️ Blood in urine
▪️ Kidney damage
▪️ Urinary tract infections 

Getting an infection during recovery can be harmful and extend the timeline for resting, making catheter not such a great option.

portable urinal toilet

For those who do not have a support system to help out during the recovery, these added concerns can make the rest impossible. A portable urinal toilet can solve this issue and keep the movement to minimal. A urine bag for male patients is easy to use where all the need is to stand and pee and is not very different from a disposable urine bag for female patients. The ease of using along with the comfort of it being odor proof, leak proof makes it easy to dispose. The urine bags once used, solidifies the waste and can be discarded upto 10 days later. The bags are environmentally friendly unlike a catheter which is a plastic product. An added advantage to all this is being inexpensive making them pocket friendly. 

These bags are not only useful for the patients undergoing or recovering from medical treatment, it is helpful for those with urinary incontinence as well. This pocket toilet helps one empty their bladder when the need arises. No need to use a dirty public toilet that harbors harmful bacteria and can lead to more urinary infections. The urine bag can reduce the additional bladder problems one can face from holding on to urinating. 

The use of this product is also great when it comes to traveling where finding clean restrooms may not be easy. Many are known to use it when traveling to far off cities and villages or even during trekking where washrooms are limited and far apart. During the pandemic the urine bags came in handy from keeping away from unsanitized toilet seats. The multi use urine bags are a saviour for many and keeps the harmful microorganisms away.


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