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5 Ways To Make Travel Easy When You Have Urinary Incontinence

Love traveling, but worried about how you will find clean toilets whenever the need to rush arises? Urinary incontinence is something a lot of us suffer from, may it be due to stress or overflow or even urge to pee regularly. It puts a damper in your plans to explore the unexplored. 

From finding the toilet to is it clean to use, the problems are many. We have some pointers to help you make that journey easier.

1. Planning is the key to any plan, especially when it comes to traveling

Knowing not only where you are going, but how you are going are the important aspects when dealing with urinary incontinence. 

a. When traveling using an airplane, choosing the right seat which is in closer proximity to the lavatory and is an aisle seat. 

b. While traveling via railways, knowing the location of the restroom in the station is useful. 

c. When taking the road journey, do your research on the cities you will cross and pinpoint the places you can stop on the way. 

disposable urine bags for travel

2. Dress and pack appropriately

Wearing comfortable clothes makes it easier to take the hours spent on the road. Avoid wearing light shade clothes in case there is a slight leakage. Always carry an extra set of clothes to be on the safe side.

3. Control the amount of your liquid intake

When it comes to travel, even with the right planning incidents can happen thus another way to reduce the chances of that is by controlling the amount of liquid intake you take during your trip. 

4. Understand your triggers

As someone having urinary incontinence knowing what triggers is something one should know about and avoiding those triggers can definitely be useful in making the travel less stressful and more enjoyable. Common triggers include processed sugary food, caffeinated products and alcohol. 

bag for urine collection

5. Use the right products

The biggest way to help reduce or even eliminate the chances of an incident is using the right product to help manage the problem. The stress is one of the biggest triggers and thus no matter how well you plan the need to pee can arise at any time. Using disposable urine bags can help with overcoming the problem of finding a clean washroom every few hours. 

When traveling the chances of finding a clean toilet at every place you stop at is difficult, the stand and pee products are great in such situations. The pee bags for travel also help reduce the chance of getting any urinary infections which is a common occurrence. The disposable urine bags for travel are easy to use and discard. The bag for urine collection leaves no odor and doesn’t spill. The peebags are lightweight and can easily fit in your pocket making them the perfect option to make your travel easy and stress free. So get ready to have some fun and make great memories.


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