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9 Ways Pregnant Women Can Reduce the Risk Of A UTI While Traveling

Pregnancy is an exciting time and a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes over the months. Some changes are an experience one can’t forget while others are not so good. One of such issues during pregnancy is bladder leakage

Urinary continence during pregnancy is a very common problem. This problem makes traveling very painful, which is a struggle with pregnancy in general. But there are ways to reduce the discomfort associated with urinary incontinence and UTI. 

1. Maintain hygiene: It is an important aspect to avoid infections. Wiping post urination helps reduce the chances of bacterial infection. One can also use intimate wipes as well to maintain good hygiene without hampering the pH levels. 

2. Hydrate well: Good hydration is important for maintaining good health. Drinking enough water will make you want to pee frequently but it also flushes out the bacteria. Avoiding high sugar and caffeinated drinks is suggested. 

3. Stop holding on: Holding on urine is one of the main reasons for UTI and it is imperative that one use the washroom instead of holding on for long. This also leads to loosening the urinary muscles which can lead to having urinary incontinence in females even post pregnancy.

4. Use the facility before taking off: When traveling, may it be air or road it’s good to use the washroom before taking off and take appropriate washroom breaks during as well.

5. Avoid scented self care products: Scented products like soaps, oils or pads for vaginal areas can imbalance the pH levels and lead to an infection, so avoiding them is important.

6. Take probiotics: The microorganisms in the probiotics help growth of good gut bacteria which help reduce the chances of having an UTI. 

7. Wear comfortable clothing: With pregnancy, it is good to wear comfortable and breathable clothes. This also helps with reducing discomfort when using the restroom and reduces chances of getting an infection. 

8. Try home remedies: Certain food items are known for reducing the growth of bad bacteria in the gut which is great for avoiding infections. Cranberries high in Vitamin C which is great for promoting good gut health.

9. Use the right products: While traveling it is important to use a clean sanitized washroom which can be a bit of a problem. In such a situation one can use female urine bags. The urine bags are perfect stand and pee products so one does not come in contact with dirty toilet seats. The bags for urine collection are compact making them easy to carry and easy to dispose of as well making them a great product to use while traveling. 

So now that you know how to avoid dealing with an UTI just sit back, relax and enjoy the travel and pregnancy by using pee bags. 

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