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Top 5 Travel Tips For People With Overactive Bladder

Who doesn’t like to travel and enjoy life, but sometimes health conditions are such that we need to rethink the thought of traveling, overactive bladder is one such health issue quite common nowadays, mostly in elders. Overactive bladder is a condition where you feel the need to urinate frequently, no matter if your bladder is full or not. To resolve this issue Peeschute has come up with urine bags for travel, to make your dream of traveling easily possible.

These bags are paper based such that they don’t harm the environment, they are lightweight and portable that fits your pocket, it reduces your dependency on caretakers and other family members, no spilling,no odor and are easy to dispose of. 

Below are top 5 tips for people with overactive bladder:

1. Define your roadmap:

If you are planning a road trip make an itinerary with the roadmap marking the areas with restrooms at regular intervals. So to reduce strain on your bladder, stop at every 3-4 hours.

2. Reduce your intake of water or liquids:

You must reduce your intake of liquid prior to leaving for the trip to reduce your stops and that you reach your destination on time. Sometimes it does happen that you get stuck in traffic and so reduction in liquid intake will reduce unnecessary pressure on your bladder.

3. You can do kegels to train your bladder:

One of the best ways to train your bladder is by doing kegel exercise which will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and bladder muscles. Let us tell you how to do kegels, if you are urinating and you want to stop in the middle you will make a muscle movement, that same movement you need to do for kegels exercise. You can do this 20 times twice in a day and you will see the results in a few days.

4. Pack necessary items:

If you are suffering with severe bladder problems we would suggest you pack an emergency kit for worst case scenarios, as for incontinence protection you can pack a number of absorbent liners, pads, briefs etc., also you can pack an extra pair of clothes, catheters and any other medication required. You can use urine bags for travel as well.

5. Carry portable urine bag:

Nowadays you get pee bags for travel that are handy as you can keep it in your handbags and use it whenever the need arises, seal them back it will solidify and throw it in the dustbin. This is safe, environment friendly and no cleaning required. Peeschute is one such brand that is selling this product online https://peeschute.com/travel-kit/ you can visit this website for more information. 

Nothing can stop you from enjoying your travel as long as there are bags for urine disposal to make your trips much more convenient and hassle free. These urine bags are for adults as well, now go and make a list of countries you want to visit. Your happiness is our responsibility.


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