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Baksa- A Hygienic Urinal for any Place

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Baksa is an ideal outdoor urinal for your workplaces, complexes, shops, outdoor or public places, etc. It requires zero water, no drainage, no plumbing, and no heavy infrastructure.

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Baksa is a multi-functional solution that is suitable for a wide range of settings, such as outdoor events, and personal urinals for workplaces and public places.


Additional Description

● Contains one lightweight privacy cubicle, Pee Pot, and 6 Jumbo bags of 5 liters each
● The foldable design allows easy use, pack-unpack, or transportation.
● Made with environmentally sustainable material to reduce the carbon footprint
● Helps reduce odor, uses zero water, and is highly sustainable.



● Lightweight design
● Compact and easy to transport
● Easy-to-clean materials ensure longevity and convenience
● Contributing towards sustainable living
● Leak-resistant and scentless design
● Applicable for both genders
● Reusable and environmentally friendly


Most Popular Questions.

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Peeschute can be installed at any place. It just takes 20 sq. feet space. This urinal requires no water, no drainage and no plumbing requirements. It is all a plug and play mechanism.

It has a setup which consists of pot for peeing. Urine from this funnel get collected into multiple bags which are attached below. These bags solidify urine immediately to keep it leak proof, odourless and hygienic. Once the bags are full it signals with an indicator to replace bags.

The bags can be replaced by incentivising (per bag or per visit) group of people including waste pickers, roadside sweepers, waste collection people, drainage cleaners etc. The job of this person would be to remove the used bags, replace it with new ones and dispose the used bags. Removal of used bags and replacing is extremely simple and clean process; the experience is just like inserting straw in closed tetra packets.

The bags and solidified materials are 100% compostable and biodegradable. They can be put in organic waste cycle or can be composted easily.

● Changing bags when they are full.

●  Putting camphor balls, sanitizer and air fragrance packet (once in a month).

No. Peeschute bags trap 95% odour and turns 100% liquid into gel.

Stand and Pee funnel for females, wipes, sanitizers, air fragrance packet, camphor balls, dustbins etc.

No. The pots come with a disposable filter net. If anybody missuses it, the net can be replaced immediately.

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    Baksa- A Hygienic Urinal for any Place
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